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Round LED Fog Lights 3.5 Inches

Round LED Fog Lights 3.5 Inches

Part #: 4006

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Installation info: Professional installation required.


Round LED Fog Lights 3.5 Inches Round LED Fog Lights 3.5 Inches

Round LED Fog Lights 3.5 Inches

Our round LED series fog lights feature 18 bright LEDs in a compact enclosure that is 3.5 Inches in diameter or about 90mm. Designed to be mounted on to your bumper, they are universal and can fit on most cars. Please measure the opening of the hole in your bumper if you have exisiting fog lights. It includes basic wiring and brackets for the installation.



  • 18 x High Ouput LED per fog light
  • Low power consumption less than <1Watt
  • Designed for accenting the front of your vehicle with LED





Are these plug and play for my car model?

No, you will need to wire them to your car. Cars that have fog lights will have a wire coming to each side of the bumper. You will need to connect them there via electrical tape or connectors.

My car does not have fog lights, can I still install these?

Yes! But you will need to run the wires from each fog light to the park lamp or headlight wire. Park lamps are the lights that turn on when your switch is in position number 1. That is 1 click. You will need to wire these LED fog lamps to the wires leading to the park lamp light. This is easy to do and just requires some electrical tape connection. You won't even need to cut anything. Just strip some of the wire off from the back of the park lamp lights wire, and wrap the fog light wire around it with some electrical tape.



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