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LCD Alarm with Remote Start

LCD Alarm with Remote Start

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LCD Alarm with Remote Start LCD Alarm with Remote Start LCD Alarm with Remote Start LCD Alarm with Remote Start LCD Alarm with Remote Start

LCD Alarm with Remote Start

This is the highest quality most advanced alarm system on the market! Using long range FM radio technology. Remote start operation with timer and many settings. Up to 5000 Meter Range! Beautiful big colorful display! Most advanced car alarm technology with unique features. Professional installation recommended.


Includes everything shown below! Top quality electronics! Two LCD remote controls are included.

  • Arm / Silent arm 
  • Disarm ;
  • Car Locating;
  • Arm Reminding;
  • Rearm;
  • Anti-hijacking;
  • Central door lock system;
  • Automation;
  • Door unclosed well warning;
  • Auto-arm;
  • Help Calling/Panic;
  • LED Indicator status;
  • Cutoff engine;
  • Intruding alarming;
  • Windows rolling up;
  • Remote Trunk release
  • Car Door unclosed reminding;
  • Dome light delay;
  • Emergency Disarm
  • Service mode
  • Power off memory;
  • Microwave sensor (Optional Addon)
  • One stage shock sensor;
  • Door unclosed warning function optional;
  • Auto-arm function optional;
  • Eletrical/Pneumatic central locking optional
  • Learning code;
  • Anti-false trigger alarming
  • Auxilliary negative trigger output
  • Remote Start Engine * Vehicles with chips in their key require addtional module to bypass the electronics
  • Rechargeable batteries are built in with recharger!


1) FSK technology with monitoring & responding range up to 5000 meters;
2) Newly design, chrome metal frame, Fashionable LCD transmitter;
3) Window rolling up automatically/ Trunk Release output;
4) Electrical clock displaying on screen;
5) Voice reminding with a chord of three tones;
6) With Microwave Sensor input;
7) Colorful background LCD (different color indicates different trigger);
8) Low power consumption and long life;
9) Super big size screen which has multi-color display with flash lighting, easy to monitor the car;
10) Anti-hijacking function;
11) Posses all basic functions like: Arm/disarm/ car finding/ mute alarm;
12) Remote Start Engine even under high or low temperature;


Technical Data:

1) Working frequency: 433-434MHZ;
2) Frequency Modulation: FSK technology;
3) Brain voltage: 12V+/-3V;
4) Static current: ≤10MA (with shock sensor);
5) Siren volume: 105-125dB;
6) Remote controller voltage: 3.2-4.2V;
7) Remote current: ≤40uA;
8) Power recharge: 12V+/-3V DV, Static Current≤10MA and power recharging current 110mA+/-5mA.

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