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Digital Slim HID Conversion Kit

Digital Slim HID Conversion Kit

Part #: 4393

Listing Price: $217.49

Selling Price: $149.99

Shipping Price: $9.99

Shipping details: Priority Mail 3 Day Service

Installation info:

30 min to 1 hour installation on most vehicles. Installation is trouble free for most vehicles. Some vehicles you must disable the DRL = Daytime running lights. Some vehicles will require additional relay to work properly, we will contact you if this is the case.

Color Output : 3000K Yellow, 4300K White, 6000K Cool White, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K Blue, 30000K Purple

Fitment For My : Headlights, Fog Lights

Color Output :
Fitment For My :


Digital Slim HID Conversion Kit

Digital Slim HID Conversion Kit

Get Super Bright Headlights for your vehicle! Makes a perfect gift! Improve your factory headlights vision!



  • Top quality digital HID conversion kit designed for your low beam headlights. Our kit will convert your low beams into HID. It will not affect your high beams. Your high beams will work just the same as they do now (Unlike other cheap kits!)
  • Converts your Low beam to 3X as Bright HID (Also known as Xenon)
  • Easy to install, no cutting no splicing!
  • Digital Technology - More stable and Longer life than standard ballasts
  • Premium Bulbs - Average 2500 Hours Life or 5 Years
  • Low Profile Ballast - Easy to Hide
  • Includes: Retail box, 2 x Bulbs, 2 Ballasts, 2 3M sticky pads to mount ballast and wiring plugs.
  • 1 Year Direct Warranty


100% Money-Back Guarantee as long as returned in resaleable condition within 30 days of purchase*!

* Attention, all vehicles with DRL = Day Time Running Lights that exist on your Low Beam bulbs must disable or purchase a relay. If your DRL is not on your low beams, then there is no issue.




Why our Kits are the best?

Everyone will claim their kits are the best, but really what is the difference between a cheap kit and a quality kit? We know its difficult making a decision! The truth is many of their parts are produced by factories simply to just sell with no regulation, with no care on durability and usability. The inexpensive HID kits you will see on eBay or other low priced websites use a electricity technology called DC to ignite the bulb. Don't mistake this for the incoming DC voltage that all ballasts will use, its an internal method of circuitry to turn your xenon gas bulb on with high voltage. It is far inferior to the AC technology used in this product. Yes, it is much more expensive to produce using our AC circuit, but the light bulb and ballast will last longer with a more bright light output. No fuzzy or flickering seen on unstable DC ballast kits. So next time your shopping for a kit, ask the seller, is it AC or DC and be cautious if the price seems too good to be true.


Will this fit my car*?

We will include the right bulbs for your vehicle. Please make sure to include: Make/Model/Year and Color Choice when paying at checkout. If you forget, please shortly after email us to ensure we process your order quickly. This listing is for the conversion of your LOW BEAMS into HID. If you want low beam + high beam or fog lights, let us know by email!

* Certain vehicles will need extra parts such as Bulb Adapters (Usually VW/BMW/Mercedes/Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler) along with Relay to function properly. These extra parts are sold separate and not included. The cost on these parts is minimal.

* If vehicle is equiped with DRL = Daytime running lights on the low beam bulbs, customer must disable or purchase relay to bypass. This is usually the case in Canada. Disabling is usually is done by fuse removal.


Will it fit if I have OEM Xenons?

No, this is kit is strictly for vehicles with "factory halogen" bulbs from factory. Vehicles which use OEM equiped xenon systems use different connectors and bulbs. Cars that have OEM xenons are usually: Acura/BMW/Mercedes/Audi/Cadillac etc..


Is it easy to install?

Yes, our kits our among the easiest to install on most vehicles. Its as simple as removing your factory bulbs and clipping a few connectors to each other. Please watch the video's below to get an idea. Your installation will be similar. Some vehicles will require extra steps (such as relay) if needed.




How are these installed?

Installing a kit on most vehicles is very easy and should take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Some vehicles will take longer due to hard access to the light bulbs. Please consult your owner’s manual or dealer on how to remove the factory light bulbs. Once you removed the factory light bulbs, installation is very straight forward after that. Below are two diagrams showing the wiring based on the type of bulb your vehicle uses. Please note this wiring diagram applies only in cases you are not installing a relay in addition to a HID kit. Most vehicles do not require a relay and will not benefit from a relay. Relays are only needed on cars where the computer may cause dash warning issues, flickering or are not turning. Do not worry, in most circumstances we will contact you if you did require a relay. Relays are sold in our accessories section.




What color's do you offer?

Our default color is 6000K which is a cool white color. We also offer 3000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K and 30000K


What is your return policy?

Easy, this is why we offer 30 day money back guarantee. Keep in mind we do not refund the original shipping costs. Its also your responsibility to mail it back to us. We feel customer should only keep a product they like. This is why we make returns easy. We kindly ask please never leave us any negative feedback.

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